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What man needs a modern woman
What man needs a modern woman
I want to see strong loving man near me and I want to meet with approval from man. I think that woman fair sex and they need to be surrounded with man's care and attention. I would like to share all interests with my future husband and to travel together and to work together (I mean to work for creation a strong loving big family).

When I find such a man I will be happy. I could not find my dream here, so I decide to resort to the help of marriage agency. I will be happy to live with my beloved man and I do not care at what country. May be I am the woman you can share your life with. I do not know and you do not know about that too. We have to get to know each other better to understand it. I am looking for a man abroad cause our Ukrainian men (not everybody) do not want to make a family. May be they are afraid of it. But I want to have a warm and loving family, I want to share the whole my life with the only one man, to have children with him, to share the best and worst minutes with him. That is what I want. I think that you understand me because you want the same. Write me back.
   The man I want as my husband is a man I can respect as a person. Someone I can trust. Someone who's behavior makes me proud to call him my husband. Someone who I am happy to know and who's company I enjoy. Someone who cares about me enough to tell me if I am doing something wrong. Someone who will work with me towards our own future happiness. Someone to be my best friend. Someone I could give my hart to! I do not want match, do I? My friends think I am too fussy. But I would rather be alone than with someone I do not respect. I think respect is the most important thing in any relationship. And I think as long as you have respect all other things can be discussed and worked out. The longer you know some one, it is this respect that grows. I think without respect you can care about some one. But it is hard to love some one you do not respect. Only in a relationship where both people treat each other with respect can true love germinate and grow.
   The only thing I can not stand in men, when they are rude with women. I do not ask many things from my future mate; only honesty, integrity, loyalty, and that he takes care of his health and body. I feel it is fair for me to ask this because I can provide the same promises to my mate. I understand that people are not perfect and make mistakes as I do. I will say when I am wrong and try to improve; I ask the same from my husband. I do no t play games and try to be myself. But most of all I want to meet a loving man who will be able to understand me, whom it will be warm and calm with and who will be a real friend for all my life!
   I appreciate family as such. I consider that one of the most important thing in the people’s life is the strong and friendly family. The family is the big beautiful house full of joy and children’s laugh. I like intelligent, purposeful men with strong character. But I want him to be kind and tender with me, love and appreciate his family. I am looking for a special man who wants to love and be loved in a warm, comfortable relationship where we together are the center of our world together in a loving, faithful, secure relationship to last a life time. To make together a wonderful partnership with my man, husband, lover and friend! I am very tender and delicate. I need in strong and trustworthy protector. I hope that you will be this protector.
   It is nice to meet you. I hope you want to know me, so I will tell you a little. I am looking for a man for serious relationships. He should know what he wants in his life and be able to take care about his lady. And I want my soul mate to be smart, handsome and sporty and could make me laugh when I feel sad. As for my character, I’m a romantic person at heart and nothing is more important then family for me. I go by life smiling because one wise man said a smile does not cost anything but gives a lot. I will never leave a person alone when he or she needs my help. I am ready to give everything to my beloved and to make him the happiest person in the world.
   I have a lot of different interests. I like to dance, to listen to the good music and to meet with interesting people. I do want my house will be full of children’s laugh. Sometimes I like to spend the evening calmly and quietly. I am an outdoor person also. I enjoy meeting with my friends and spending time well!!!
   Well, I am here to find someone who will be a reliable friend and life partner. Who can love his only woman and be tender and sensual with her. And I would really care about his inner world.
   Together with him we will create wonderful world full of love, tenderness and care. I want to make him happy and I want to be happy person.
   I am very kind person who likes to help people. If you need to feel warmth and support I am the person to give it to you. I am a faithful friend to rely on. They say I possess good sense of humor as I believe it helps to overcome difficulties and troubles of life. I am honest and want others to be honest with me. I am ambitious and demanding. I enjoy changes in my life though it doesn’t describe me as inconstant and unstable person, I just think that it is necessary to move and change something in life as this way the progress is felt. I like to take care about my body. I think that for women is very important to look good. Do you agree? And what about you? Do you like sport? Do you lead a healthy way of life? I want to know you better, so please, write me back.
   Do you like to travel? I hope, yes. I want to suggest you to travel with my along the life. Yes! Who knows, may be we are for each other? I believe this our journey will be happy or at least interesting.
   If to describe the things I like I should start with dances. I love to dance and think it helps to reveal personality and character. As much as dances I love music. Music of all types attracts me. The motto of mine is “no day without music”.
   If you are ultra-sensitive, sympathetic, kind and honest person I am so eager to get to know you better! I want a sociable and active man, full of life and energy to be by my side. I want you my dear part to see not only a woman in me, but also a reliable and trustworthy friend to share the good and bad things in life. I need a man to treat me like a real lady should be treated. I need a faithful friend, passionate lover and caring husband to be with me through the whole life. Are you ready? I hope yes. If so, please, write me back.

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Представник Кремля Дмитро Козак в своєму листі запропонував радникам країн нормандського формату до 27 квітня зустрітися на Донбасі і обговорити питання перемир'я.
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Санду скликає Радбез: є загроза повалення конституційного ладу Молдови

Президентка Молдови Мая Санду  скликає термінове засідання Вищої ради безпеки через ситуацію довкола Конституційного суду.
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Мінагрополітики пропонує знизити ставку ПДВ до 14% на всі види сільгосппродукції

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Бойовики на Великдень запланували теракт в одній з церков – розвідка

За інформацією розвідки, найближчими днями російсько-окупаційні війська запланували провокації проти України, в тому числі й теракт на Великдень в одній із церков Московського патріархату.
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23.04.2021 15:04

Навальний припиняє голодування

Російський опозиційний політик Олексій Навальний оголосив, що припиняє голодування, яке почав 31 березня.
23.04.2021 14:06

Зеленський не поїде в Москву домовлятися з Путіним про мир на Донбасі – Кравчук

Глава української делегації в ТКГ Леонід Кравчук вважає, що президент України Володимир Зеленський може провести переговори з президентом РФ Володимиром Путіним тільки в нейтральній країні.
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