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The present contract provides the investigation of the market of customers of UREA, conducting of preliminary negotiations between the Seller, preparation and agreement of the contract for sales and purchase of the subject of sale in the name of Buyer. This Contract is not to be duplicated, and is only for the purpose of this transaction.

   The present contract provides the investigation of the market of customers of UREA, conducting of preliminary negotiations between the Seller, preparation and agreement of the contract for sales and purchase of the subject of sale in the name of Buyer. This Contract is not to be duplicated, and is only for the purpose of this transaction.
   Contract No:
   Company Name with the registration number in State Register, and registration date:
   The address of headquarters:
   actual address:
   1) _____________________________
   2) legal address _____________________
   3) Certificate from the Statistics Office
   4) Data from Tax Office or the Customs which certify the Buyer’s right to carry out foreign-economic activities_______
   5) Buyers’ banking details.
   Ukrainian National Classifier of Business and Organizations No.______________________
   Current account________________________
    Bank ID code___________________
   License No. _____________________
   Legal registration No: _____________
   Telephone: ___________________
   Legal representative: ____________________
   AGENT #1:
   This agreement is concluded between ______________________________________ herein referred to as “Buyer” and “__________” Ltd. herein referred to as “Agent #1”and which concluded it on 20 march 2008
    1.1 1.1 The Buyer charges and the Agent undertakes obligations of providing the investigation of the market of UREA 46% GRANULAR (further referred to as “The Subject of Sale”), conduction of preliminary negotiations with the Seller, preparation and agreement of the contract for sales and purchase of the Subject of sale in the name of the Buyer.
    1.1.1 the quantity ________________tons;
    1.1.2 the price according to the CIF conditions is not more then 220 (two hundred and twenty) US dollars;
    1.1.3 payment conditions – letter of credit (non-transferable).
    1.2 The Buyer purchases the Subject of sale in accordance with conditions, in the amount, quality and in terms, provided by the main Contract for sales and purchase; providing Agent#1 with all the required data.
    2.1 The unit of measurement in this Contact is metric tons of weight (MT). Months are calendar months according to the Gregorian calendar.
    2.2 The total amount of the Urea 46% to be delivered is not less than ______________ metric tones (two hundred) Metric Tons (+/-5%).
    2.3 The subject of sale will be delivered in accordance with the main Contract for sales and purchase.
    3.1 The Buyer shall pay the Agents timely a service payment for executed works in accordance with the conditions of items 3.3; 3.4; 4.1; 4.2; 4.3 of the present Contract.
    3.2 The Buyer should make payments to the current accounts of the Agents in USD.
    3.3 The price of Urea 46% is not more then 220 (two hundred and twenty) USD per Metric ton CIF in accordance with the main Contract. Besides that the Buyer pays Agent#1 – ________USD to the current account and Agent#2 – ¬________USD to the current account for each shipped and paid metric tone of the Subject of sale.
   3.4 The shipment quantity of Urea 46% is measured in metric tons and each shipped consignment shall be not less than _____________metric tons per shipment of Urea 46%; the amount of consignment may vary (+/-5%). The subject of sale is delivered in accordance with the schedule of deliveries agreed between the Parties in the relative value expressed in United States Dollars (+/-5%). Once the shipment is done, Seller reports about it to Agent #1 via fax. The payment to the current account Agent #1 is carried out from each consignment at the rate of 2.5 (two dollars 50 cents) USD multiplied by the quantity of the shipped goods. For example: for 50 000 ton. it is 2,5 USD X 50 000 ton = 125 000 USD. Payment for the whole amount: USD 2.5 X 600 000 ton = 1 500 000 USD.
    3.5 The total amount of the contract is ____________ (________________________) USD.
   4.1 Based on the agreed Schedule of Deliveries the Buyer shall open an irrevocable, divisible, transferable, confirmed and auto-revolving Documentary Letter of Credit approved by the first-rank bank in Agent’s #1 bank, payable at the sight of the shipment documents submitted by the Seller of the Urea. To the Agents’ bank This Letter of Credit should be paid in the Sellers’s bank. The Letter of Credit should be put forward on the amount which is estimated in the US dollars sufficient for covering of the cost of service of the Agents while delivering goods in the volume of ______________ metric tons. International bank which is entered into the list of 50 (fifty) first-rank banks, should issued and confirm the Letter of Credit mentioned above with the help of banking system SWIFT.
    4.2 The Letter of Credit shall be paid in the beneficiary bank (Seller) according to fact of submission of shipping documents by the Seller of Urea for each delivered consignment of the Subject of sale.
    4.3 All bank charges related to the issuance of the Letter of Credit and making alterations in the Letter of Credit refer to the Buyer’s account.
    5.1 The Seller and Agents will try to settle all disputes amicably. Either Party may serve notice to the other Party requiring any dispute to be settled within 30 (thirty) days after such notice and if not settled to refer it to the Economic Court of Ukraine.
    5.2 Hearing of case is carried out in The Economic Court of Ukraine. The language of the hearing is the Russian language.
   5.3 The guilty party will cover without protest all the expenses related to the case hearing including the penalty fees established by the economic court.
    6.1 Any of the Parties are allowed to assign the Contract or payment instrument to the third Party in order to secure the performance of its obligations only after the obtaining of preliminary consent of the contract.
    6.2 Any assignee or legal successor to either Party shall assume all obligations and benefits of the Contract.
    6.3 In case of signing of the main Contract, if Seller concludes a new treaty during 2008-2013 or prolongs the present contract with Buyer, he(Seller) will pay for the agents services to the Agents on conditions mentioned in the clauses 3.3; 3.4; 4.1; 4.2; 4.3 of this Contract.
    7.1Agents and Seller must interpret information provided by the other Party on a strictly private and confidential basis. Agents and Seller must take all necessary steps to prevent the abuse of confidential information or its disclosure or divulgence to any third Party except cases when it is needed to complete successfully the Contract or to avoid conflicting claims (except cases when it may be required in accordance with the applicable law). But in such circumstances the Party must to inform in written about the obstacles that may influence the successful completion of the Contract and once the permission is received to disclose the confidential information.
    7.2 The Agents must not use the confidential information provided by the Seller in a such way as to:
   a. Circumvent the Seller in the commercial deals with any and all Buyers under the contract;
   b. Do deliberately anything to cause the Seller to loose any fees or commissions that are due or may become due under the Seller agreement with the Buyers under the Contract if any;
   c. Do anything that may circumvent in such a way as to put Seller at a commercial disadvantage with the Buyers or countries under this Contract.
    7.3 The Seller must not use the confidential information provided by the Agent in such a way as to:
   a. Circumvent the Agent in the commercial deals with Buyer under Contract;
   b. Do deliberately anything to cause the Agent to loose any fees or commissions that are due or may become due under the Seller agreement with the Agents and Buyers under the main Contract if any;
   c. Do anything that may circumvent in such a way as to put Agents at a commercial disadvantage with the Buyer or countries under the main Contract of sales and purchase.
    7.4 The Seller and the Agents shall keep each other fully informed about the progress of all current and future Contract negotiations and about the performance of the Contract; they have to send the official letters to each other.
    7.5 The obligation of confidentiality of the Agents and Seller shall remain in force for a period of 5 (five) years from the date of signing of the contract.
    7.5 Any breach of these provisions will entail payment of damages to the other Party.
    8.1 The Parties shall neither solicit in any manner, nor accept business from sources or their affiliates that are made available by the other Party to this agreement at any time without the preliminary written permission of the Party which made the source available.
    8.2 The parties shall maintain complete confidentiality as for each other’s business sources or their identities and shall disclose such information only to parties mentioned above pursuant to express written permission of the party that made the source available.
    8.3 The Parties shall not in any way whatsoever circumvent or attempt to circumvent each other or any Party involved in any of the transactions the Parties are desiring or entering into and to the best of their ability and assure each other that the original transaction codes established will not be altered or changed.
    8.4 The Parties recognize the present Agent Contract to be an exclusionary and valuable for every Party and they shall not enter into direct negotiations with such contracts revealed by the other Party.
    8.5 The Buyer shall not avoid payment of due fees, commissions and other remunerations in any way whatsoever to Agents.
    8.6 In case of breach of the present Contract by any Party whether directly or indirectly the circumvented Party shall be entitled to legal monetary penalty as damages. This penalty is equal to the maximum amount which should be obtained in the result of such transaction all expenses including but not limited by legal fees that would be involved in the recovery of mentioned damages. The circumventing Party renounces to any right that it may have to claim a reduction of this amount.
    8.7 All compensations, benefits and commissions received as a result of concluding of the present Contract relating to any of the transactions should be assigned by mutual agreement.
    8.8 The Agents irrevocably bind themselves to provide any available documentation requested by the Seller as stated in this document, immediately and without delay in connection with the sale or purchase of the aforementioned goods.
    8.9 The Buyer irrevocably binds himself to provide all available documentation requested by the Agents as stated in this document; immediately and without any delay in connection with the purchase of the aforementioned goods.
   8. 10 The Seller has no right to confer the responsibility on Agents for the Buyer’s failure to fulfill the contract obligations. Under such circumstances the Seller must inform the Agents immediately.
    9.1 The ICC 1993 revision, publication 500 shall apply to this Contract as well as INCOTERMS-2000 as published by the International Chamber of Commerce.
    9.2 The present Contract is concluded in Russian and in English in 6 (six) copies, 2 (two) copies for each Party that has to sign it. In case of any divergences in the text the Russian language is considered to be primary.
    9.3 The present Agent’s Contract becomes valid from the moment of signing by the authorized representatives from each side and signing of the main Contract for sale and purchase of UREA 46%, and it acts till the moment of full discharge of obligations by both parties.
    9.4 The authorized representatives of the Buyer and Agents, who signs the Contract, enclose notarized copies of their civil passports.
    9.5 When signing the Main Contract for sales and Purchase the obligatory condition is to follow all the requirements of the present Agent Contract for Sales and Purchase.
   Witness whereof, the Parties hereto do set their hands and are witnessed with seals upon this Agent Contract No. ______ dated __________ 2009.
   The First Party: (BUYER)
   The Second Party: (AGENT#1)
   Authorized signature:
   For and on behalf:

Автор: uasol | Відгуки: 0 | Перегляди: 6671 | 06/07/2010 Бізнес і фінанси - Договори

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